bubblegum as bio major with emphasis in candy physics who studies too hard to change out of mismatched sweats
and vis com major marceline who has failed english 114 twice and smokes too much

cheetos are good, but have you tried 2-day old cheetos?????????????

And that wraps it up for this commission session! 
Clara as she appears in The Snowmen for the lovely WhovianGoesThere! 
Got our eyebrows done and picked up some rock candy! Fun day!
Headless man enjoys a hot dog at 3:00 pm

Why y’all gotta reblog Freddy’s at 5 in the morning I’m not up for this I want to sleep *ugly baby noises*

Work in eleven hours, family in seven. Big day tomorrow on minimal sleep. 🍄

Finally got my license, yeeeeeee

No work tomorrow, might finish my commission, i’d rather do it before i move-in to my dorm

which is in…. less than a week now???

crazy stuff

anyway, prints are also a thing i should work on, what do y’all like?

Lemme know, answer below

Swimming anime? Zeldas? Shingekis? Bubblines? other stuff?

I drew my sister except it doesn’t look like her too much. Except for the hair anyway #illustration #pen #sketch #doodle #sketchbook


*devil appears on your shoulder* hey man….why even bother with lineart….just clean up the sketch….no one has to know…..