Playing with brush tips #teen titans #raven

So, I’ll be closing down commissions for now because I’m making good money at work and I don’t have the energy to complete them at a quick enough rate. I just feel really bad taking weeks on commissions that used to take days. :c

But thank you to everyone who got one done! Your support means so much to us! You’ve helped to raise close to seventy dollars, and it really helped us out!

If i am currently working on a commission for you, don’t worry, I will finish it, I’m just not accepting any new requests for now. c:

Work is so exhausting, it’s hard to even want to draw. That paycheck was worth it though, I think everything is gonna shape up. c:>

Sorry for the lack of art recently! I’ll try and post something tomorrow!!

As for tonight? I’ve been up for 21 hours working, cleaning, and seeing my friends after a bajillion years. So I’m gonna hit the hay.

Night y’all :*

Ah! I’ve finally decided the direction I want my comic to take! I’m fusing two of my ideas together, and i’m finally feeling confident with it!

It’ll have the setting/characters of my fantasy plot (with iri and such) but the plot of my “dreamscapes” story, which was originally going to be realistic/supernatural YA fiction type stuff. 

Apart they were a bit messy, my fantasy line didn’t have a good plot at all, but I liked the characters and worldbuilding!

And my “dreamscapes” plot is basically the kind of story I’ve wanted to write for the longest time, but setting it in a highschool was so generic and honestly, disappointing.

But yeah, i figured it out, and now I just gotta plan more! I’m excited!

I was looking up pics of Opal and Sugilite after the new episode and all i found was cute jewelry
working on a little something for all y’all

I’m an ISTJ personality type and a Slytherin and that honestly explains so much.

Lemme take a selfie