Ah! I’ve finally decided the direction I want my comic to take! I’m fusing two of my ideas together, and i’m finally feeling confident with it!

It’ll have the setting/characters of my fantasy plot (with iri and such) but the plot of my “dreamscapes” story, which was originally going to be realistic/supernatural YA fiction type stuff. 

Apart they were a bit messy, my fantasy line didn’t have a good plot at all, but I liked the characters and worldbuilding!

And my “dreamscapes” plot is basically the kind of story I’ve wanted to write for the longest time, but setting it in a highschool was so generic and honestly, disappointing.

But yeah, i figured it out, and now I just gotta plan more! I’m excited!

I was looking up pics of Opal and Sugilite after the new episode and all i found was cute jewelry
working on a little something for all y’all

I’m an ISTJ personality type and a Slytherin and that honestly explains so much.

Lemme take a selfie

I am going to bed at the time I need to wake up for work on Sunday how the fuck is this going to pan out….

I just rewatched the Art Appreciation episode of blues clues and it was honestly still good.

Like, I expected it to be one of those things where you look back as an adult for the nostalgia factor and end up going “how did I even watch this, oh god”, but nope. Nope, it was great.

This was my absolute favorite episode as a child, and it really is a pretty good, simple introduction to art for little kids! I’m so happy, aha

Ah, so maybe you’ve noticed the increase in posting today!

I’m trying to be less of a cold art-posting machine and actually use my blog for a bit of life stuff too! 

But if you’re only in it for the arts, I tag everything that isn’t that with “things I did not draw”, so you can blacklist my ramblings and selfies if you like. c:

Made a new friend at the park! I’m such a cat person, I want twenty. ❤️